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By: Shiva | October 22, 2020

Villa plots in one of the authorised layouts on the outskirts of Hyderabad, India.

Post-covid, the frequency of employees going to offices for their day jobs is likely to come down with most of the companies asking their personnel to work from home. On the positive site, this reduces traffic on the roads and the related pollution. This may also mean that employees and their families need not live in close proximity to their offices in Hi-tech city or Gachibowli. They can live wherever they want. If good schools are available in the outskirts of Hyderabad, young families would love to move to affordable gated communities located all around the Ring Road of Hyderabad.

Home gardening has emerged as favourite avocation for all during the pandemic and terrace gardens would become a new norm in almost all cities and towns in co...

By: Shiva | October 12, 2019

Efforts to make Hyderabad a global city are in full swing with the inauguration of first-of-its kind integrated logistics park at Mangalapalle on Hyderabad-Nagarjunasagar highway in Rangareddy district by Ancon Group and HMDA, Government of Telangana, under PPP mode on 11th October, 2019. This facility is spread over an area of 22 acres and has 2.5 lakhs of Grade A warehouse space. The first-in-the country PPP model for logistics hubs concept helps the city administration in de-congestion of freight traffic coming into the city from all directions.

The park has facilities such as parking for 250 trucks, service centres, warehousing, fuel stations, provision for cold storage, a primary health centre, dormitories and food courts.

The seco...

By: Shiva | February 25, 2019









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By: Shiva | September 22, 2018

Open plots in Hyderabad

With the announcement of 300' and 288 Km long Regional Ring Road around Hyderabad, the urban infrastructure is only going to get better. The higher budget allocations by Govt.of Telangana for improving the Hyderabad urban infra over next 5 years, will certainly push the real estate prices up.

Investment in open plots

Buying open plots in HMDA approved layouts is going to give investors good ROI over mid and long term. Since migration to cities like Hyderabad from B and C class cities will be more in coming years, given the improved transportation facilities like Hyderabad Metro and Strategic Road Development Plan (SRDP), the city is poised to be one of the finest destinations for people from not only from all over India but also from other p...

By: Shiva | November 28, 2016


With the demonetization move made my the Govt.of India, all the future transactions in the space of buying and selling Real Estate in India are going to be digital form. This gives ample scope for transparency in the pricing of the properties and allied services giving a fair picture of the likely budget for a house for the buyer.

The Home Loan companies and other lending institutions will also be insulated with this move while extending credit to the borrowers. 

Once the funds are made available to the Housing companies by the recently constituted REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST, there will be a downward correction in the property p...